6 Ways to Maximize Space in Your Kitchen

In every home, the kitchen is the most useful place next to the bathroom. It’s the space in the house that needs to be maximized the most because of all the things that is attached to it. In the kitchen, there’s a stove, an oven, a microwave, a sink, a refrigerator, and not to mention the amount of space you need for kitchenware like pans and pots and other small appliances for the kitchen. For smaller kitchens, you have less stuff in it but all the more to save space to avoid looking cramped up.  It’s a challenge to design kitchens and so if you need some ideas to keep you inspired, keep reading.

The Lighter the Better

If you have a smaller kitchen or if you live in a condo, it’s better to go light with your walls, cabinets and everything else. It will make the kitchen look bigger as light colors reflect light, especially if you have a window to let natural light come on.

Magic Mirrors

It’s a good idea to add a mirror/ mirrors in the kitchen to make it look bigger. It reflects whatever is in the area giving the illusion that walls are further away than it is.

Nowhere Else To Go but Up

Achieve a clean and classy look in the kitchen by building ceiling-high cabinets. This may not be a common choice, but it looks better than you think it is. It also gives you more space to keep more kitchenware.

Secret Seats

For your kitchen counters, it’s best to have chairs that you can hide under it. Or you can have foldable chairs connected to the counter so as not to occupy too much space.

Misleading Cabinets

A normal cabinet would have that same old boring open and close mechanisms, but for a space saving kitchen, we can do better. Try out a sliding mechanism and opt for a pull out cabinet with a lot of inside shelves instead. It’s spacious and more organized.

Hang It Up

Another space spacing trick that doubles as a cool kitchen decoration is to hang up your pots & pans. Hanging them up gives you and your guests a more kitchen feel. It’s a good idea since you won’t need to force these noisy kitchenware inside a small space. It’s a lot better than seeing all cabinets in your kitchen, so go ahead and hang them up!

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